Townsend Leadership Program


What is the Townsend Leadership program?

In today's challenging business environment, leaders are looking for creative solutions and new ways to succeed.  Dr. Townsend has designed the Townsend Leadership Program (TLP) as a highly effective way to help business professionals to achieve the outcomes they desire in leadership, as well as to overcome and eliminate obstacles which may be preventing them from realizing their full potential

TLP is a 12-month program where a group of 10 people who are invested in their professional and personal growth meet once a month to focus on a holistic growth paradigm; our unique DNA for growth.

Through content delivery, teaching, training, process groups, work groups, strategic retreats, coaching sessions, relational retreats and all that goes on in our world, the DNA is what delivers something that is rare, that works.

TLP is holistic, that is, integrated, in two ways: first, it engages the professional and the personal.  Secondly, it involves thoughts, behavior and emotions. They are not compartmentalized or ignored. They are vital and work together in a synchronous fashion.
We are about growth: We are serious about measurable and quantifiable change, from the TPRAT to Stretch Goals to work groups.  But we know that the fruit of change only happens when we go deeper, to the “why”, and ultimately the character structure and the nutrients. No one else does this like TLP.
We have a paradigm: Our model is biblical, neuroscience-supported, and time-tested over many years and contexts.  And it is  cohesive.  The growth paradigm is not 10 great random ideas that sound good on a document. They have been carefully thought through, and are structurally consistent.


who is Dr. Townsend?

 Dr. Townsend has written or co-written 29 books, selling over 10 million copies - including ncluding the New York times best-seller Boundaries series,  Leadership Beyond Reason: How Great Leaders Succeed by Harnessing the Power of Their Values, Feelings and Intuition and soon to be released People Fuel.


why should I participate in tlp?

As a member of The Townsend Leadership Program, you will experience significant performance results in all aspects of life, including your professional goals, your relationships, and your personal life.  The program will demonstrate the principle that your professional and personal life can develop together.  The unique aspect of the TLP is that it is a holistic approach to accelerating business and leadership performance, producing measurable and observable results.  The program utilizes Biblical principles, business leadership research and techniques as well as psychological principles to create positive outcomes.  The premise of the TLP is that today’s leadersshould be leading not only from their competencies and skill sets, but from who they are as people, including their character, their integrity and their values. The TLP will dramatically impact a leader’s ability to know themselves and in turn, to better know others. Read my story to see how TLP changed my life.


What should I expect as a TLP participant?

Goal Setting:  Once the team is formed, each member crafts a statement about their goals and objectives for the leadership coaching program:  what character abilities and leadership skills they want to see develop, where they want to see themselves professionally and personally, and what challenges they want to conquer.  These big-picture goals are shared among the team at the kickoff dinner the night before the first meeting.  They provide a structure for this leadership experience. Each member's spouse (or significant relationship/long-time friend if the leader is single) is also invited to this kickoff dinner since their involvement is key to this program.

Monthly Review:  Each day starts off at 8am with a review of how the homework went this past month and how it relates to the goals set at the first of the year.  Each member shares in a round table fashion with the TLP Director commenting of various aspects of the homework. 

Didactic Training:  Dr. Townsend delivers a leadership training via video on a critical aspect of leadership and one’s personal life, strengths and challenges.  This is a time of information-dispensing on cutting edge concepts and skills where team members take notes, ask questions and interact with the material.  Here are some representative topics:

  •  Character and Leadership

  • Drivers and Performance

  • Creating a High Performance Team Culture

  • Finding Your Sweet Spot – Strength Based Leadership

  • Relationships and Isolation in the Leader

  • How to Confront Well as a Leader

  • Dealing with Negative Realities Effectively

  • Understanding Creativity and Passion in the Leader

  • The ROI of Forgiveness

  • The Growth Process and the Leader

  • Skills for Accelerating Performance During Difficult Time

  • Developing and Maintaining Healthy Structure as a Leader           

  • Optimizing Strengths and Capacities

  • A Team Leader Who Gets Cohesion and Results

Interactive Group Sessions:  Leaders tend to live in a somewhat isolated world, or one surrounded by others who are dependent on them for vision, clarity and support. Many leaders have no context in which they interact personally with other high-capacity individuals who understand their experiences, and who can help them navigate life and business. The Interaction Group Session is a supportive, safe and confidential group setting in which the leaders are able to unpack themselves, their work and personal challenges, and get input, clarity and solutions from the TLP Director personally, as well as from the group.  There are two 90-minute Interactive Groups during the day, one in the morning after the didactic, and one in the afternoon after work group.

Readings:  Readings will be assigned each month that pertains to leadership issues and will be integrated into the didactics.

Cohort Work Group:  This is a session in which team members will present a key issue they are facing in their business or personal life.  It is a technical part of the day.  Members can present in the form of a PowerPoint, a handout, a flip chart, or any number of modalities.  The member will go over targeted strengths, weaknesses, obstacles and threats. Once the presentation has been made, the team provides clarifying questions and recommendations for increased levels of professional or personal functioning and problem solving. This is a high value time, because of the varied experience bases and perspectives of the team members.  Each member will have two opportunities to present during the year. 

Homework:  This is a key aspect of the program that takes place during the last 45 minutes of the day.   Business leaders are busy people, and there is a tendency to leave a setting, and let life and its demands take over.  This reduces the effectiveness of any training experience.  To counter this tendency, each team member will craft a homework assignment tailored to his or her situation.  The accountability of the homework helps break up the inertia of the month, and provides actionable tasks that continue the growth and development process.

Homework is determined in two ways: (1) by breaking down the big year’s goal into incremental pieces, for example, “This month I will increase my sales or deals closed by X percent”; and (2) by taking stock of what they have learned about themselves during the day’s experience.   We use the term themes to describe this. A team member may want to create actionable tasks to work on a theme they have discovered during the day.

Each team member determines his or her homework assignment with the help of the TLP Director and the other members.  Then everyone is also assigned a homework partner for the month (which rotates).  The requirement is for partners to call either other once a week for a minimum of 15 minutes, to check on each other and support the homework execution.

Personal Coaching Time with TLP Director:  Each month, members have an opportunity to have a face-to-face (or by phone) meeting with the TLP Director to continue the growth trends identified in the daylong sessions. Members will schedule their meetings with their TLP Director during the TLP day for the coming month


how do I sign up for Tlp?

If you are interested, let’s connect to see if TLP would be a good fit for you.

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January 2020 - Spots Available